Thursday, November 29, 2012

Featured in Dig Boston's Holiday Gift Guide

MaJenta Designs was featured in DigBoston's Holiday Gift Guide!  Check out the article along with other great locally handmade items!  Support small businesses, shop local, shop handmade this holiday season :)

Decorative Pocket Mirrors

Friday, November 9, 2012

"Never Worry Alone": Project Bloom

I was reading this interview  about "Project Bloom: A Project for the Massachusetts Mental Health Center."  The artist Anna Schuleit discusses how she was commissioned for this project  in remembrance and tribute to the 90+ years of providing care to some of society's most disenfranchised individuals.  I worked as a psychology intern at Mass Mental while they were housed in their temporary location after the demolition of the old site.  I found this interview and the story behind the project extremely fascinating.  All images and quotes are from the article... please read the full interview to see more pictures and explanation and inspiration about the project. 

Bloom was a reflection on the healing symbolism of flowers given to the sick when they are bedridden and confined to hospital settings. As a visiting artist I had observed an astonishing absence of flowers in psychiatric settings. Here, patients receive few, if any, flowers during their stay. Bloom was created to address this absence, in the spirit of offering and transition.

It was a strange duality: at its core this project was intended to allow people free access to a building that had always been locked and mysterious, while opening its doors also (and especially) to those who had been there for years. The building meant many things to many people, as a workplace, a refuge, a place of confinement. The installation of live flowers and audio (a collage of the sounds of the building before it closed being played over the old PA system) elicited as many reactions as there are stories.  -- Anna Schuleit

“‘Never worry alone’ was a Dr. Tom Gutheil classic line, but because of the lack of social support, too many patients who came here had to worry alone. Anna saw these corridors as places to be filled with growth. For all the patients who never received flowers, these flowers are for you.” -- a guest

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Easy DIY Autumn Wreath Tutorial

After pinning so many fun autumnal decor ideas on my Pinterest board, I thought it was time to finally make something seasonal and festive!  Although I got alot of visual inspiration from the various pins, I ended up making my own version of a wreath that was very simple to make.  I got all the materials at a local craft store (hint: Michaels/ACMoore/etc often have discounts, such as 40% off all holiday decor)

All materials needed for this project


-1 twig wreath
-hot glue gun
-seasonal decorated stems (3 or more)
-wire cutter (optional, but helps)


1. Purchase at least three or more seasonal decorative stems decor (often found in the floral aisle).  I used five for my project, so that I had more choice for what I wanted to put on my wreath.  The stems don't have to be identical - actually, it can be more interesting to get all different decorative floral stems!
Sample of a decorative floral stem

 2. Next, separate each item from each of the stem cluster.  Sometimes they pull right out, or else use your wirecutters and cut them as close to the main base stem as possible.  You want the individual wire to be long, so it can go inside your wreath later. 

Individual stems separated

 3. Now comes the fun part - arrange all the pieces on the wreath to your liking.  DON'T use the gluegun yet, as you want to plan what you want your wreath to look like when it's completed; this way you can rearrange things as you see fit.  Thread the wire ends of each piece into your twig wreath so that it doesn't protrude out the other side.  As you are doing this step, you can go ahead and plug in your glue gun so that it can get warmed up. 

arrange your decorations

 4. When you are satisfied with your floral arrangement, you can go ahead and use your glue gun to hold down each of your pieces.  Be careful, the tip is hot, adults should help out smaller children during this step. 
glue down your arranged pieces

5. This step is optional, but since I had some left over pieces and items I didnt end up using, I filled them inside some lanterns; they make nice centerpieces for your dining table!
left items can still make fun household decor

 6. After your wreath is dry, go ahead and hang it on your door, viola! 

Finished Autumn Wreath

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Budget Wedding Ideas: Double Usage Items

Wedding season is in full-swing, as well as several newly engaged couples are starting to plan their special day.  Weddings are an exciting and inspiring time; often people want their wedding to be memorable and special.  Even for couples on a budget, there lots of easy ways to still have a special and unique wedding, simply by having certain items double up on their usages.  

For example, have your guest favors / bomboniere also serve as your seating cards too!  

 Another clever way to incorporate your guest favors is to include them as part of the reception centerpieces too.  Here is an example of how the miniture flowerpots serve as table decor, which you can then tell your guests to take home at the end of the night. 

Here is an idea from our own wedding, where our florist suggested we use these potted flower display stands instead of a traditional chuppah for the outdoor these flower stands could easily be taken inside to then serve as decor for the reception as well. 

We also made our wedding programs into fans, so that the guests at our outdoor wedding could stay cool and still have all the important info literally at their fingertips.  


Another idea to lower your floral cost, is to reuse the bridesmaids bouquets and use them as centerpieces or add to the wedding cake table. 

spring wedding flower centerpieces

Do you have any clever ideas of your own to share?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boston Handmade's 2012 Somerville Show in Union Square

Boston Handmade's 5th Annual Handmade Marketplace features work hand-crafted by
New England artists, craftspeople and artisans associated with the artists group, Boston Handmade.

Saturday, June 30th ~ 3-7pm

Rain date: Sunday, July 1st

 Union Square, Somerville, MA 

  At the 2012 Boston Handmade Marketplace 20+ exhibitors will be showing and selling handmade jewelry, accessories, housewares, art, photography, paper goods, ceramics, glass, and more!  

Here at MaJenta Designs, we are in full production mode, so we can have a full range of pendants, accessories, and housewares all inspired by Asian decorative papers!   You will be sure to find even more selection of designs as well as items specially made for this event, that you won't be able to find on our website... so be sure to come visit and check them out!

There will also be hands-on craft demonstrations from exhibitors throughout the day,
and local arts organizations:
The Common Cod Fiber Guild, the Stitch House of Dorchester, and Creative Union

There will be LIVE MUSIC at the Marketplace with The Grownup Noise, Nowhere Lights, and Boston Handmade Member Nancy MacCallum

Be sure to also check out the fun photo booth, run by Lucie Wicker as well!

Make sure to enter the RAFFLE for your chance to scorea basket FULL of handcrafted goodies!  Click the raffle link to see all those contributing to this basket.
Simply print the flyer below and bring it to the "Boston Handmade" official booth on Saturday!

Monday, April 30, 2012

JP's First Thursday Show: May 3rd 2012

I'm busy preparing for my first show of the season, where I'll be exhibiting and selling my handcrafted assessories with 5 other Boston Handmade members, where we'll be selling a range of ceramics, jewelry and accessories, plush toys, photography, and note cards!!

Exhibiting artists are:
Karen of City by the Sea Ceramics
Jen of MaJenta Designs
Anne-Claire of Hibou Designs
Lucie of Lucie Wicker Photography
Leah of cricicis design
Location:  633 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, in front of the First Baptist Church.

When: Thursday, May 3rd, 6p-8p 

Find out more info on the Boston Handmade website