Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Item - Popup Invitation

PLEASE VOTE: I entered this invitation as part of the Etsy Wedding Challenge which is sponsored by the Jetteam, EstyGreetings, and EstyFAST. Please vote for my item (#5) at

DESCRIPTION: This accordion popup booklet makes a perfect invitation card or a wedding party favor! Simply untie the ribbon and it unfolds into a 6"x6" display. I used traditional Japanese handmade paper, picking this particular design not only to match the bride's color scheme, but also the colors red and gold are auspicious colors of good luck and good fortune which are always used in Chinese wedding decorations. Cranes are also symbolic of peace, happiness, and longevity, as well as are often used in Asian weddings because it is said that cranes mate for life and are devoted to their partners in all seasons.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm in a Magazine!

This is my first advertisement, I hope it goes over well! It can be found in the latest Sinister Girlz magazine, or else on their website at ; its a great magazine about punk rock music, concerts, etc. You can read the articles and see the ad here (p.19):

All my jewelry can be purchased at