Thursday, August 2, 2012

Budget Wedding Ideas: Double Usage Items

Wedding season is in full-swing, as well as several newly engaged couples are starting to plan their special day.  Weddings are an exciting and inspiring time; often people want their wedding to be memorable and special.  Even for couples on a budget, there lots of easy ways to still have a special and unique wedding, simply by having certain items double up on their usages.  

For example, have your guest favors / bomboniere also serve as your seating cards too!  

 Another clever way to incorporate your guest favors is to include them as part of the reception centerpieces too.  Here is an example of how the miniture flowerpots serve as table decor, which you can then tell your guests to take home at the end of the night. 

Here is an idea from our own wedding, where our florist suggested we use these potted flower display stands instead of a traditional chuppah for the outdoor these flower stands could easily be taken inside to then serve as decor for the reception as well. 

We also made our wedding programs into fans, so that the guests at our outdoor wedding could stay cool and still have all the important info literally at their fingertips.  


Another idea to lower your floral cost, is to reuse the bridesmaids bouquets and use them as centerpieces or add to the wedding cake table. 

spring wedding flower centerpieces

Do you have any clever ideas of your own to share?

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