Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas and Holidays How-To DIY Tutorials Decor


Now that I am done with my very last academic class EVER, I am taking a little breather before getting into dissertation-writing mode, and eager to do some home decorating for the holidays!

I love finding so much inspiration from just googling and surfing around the internet. Here's just some of the fun ideas on how to make an upcycled tree ornament, holiday card display, holiday embroidery hoop, advent calendar, seasonal wreath, and a new spin on the paper snowflake!

I am a big fan of upcycled items, its so exciting to bring new life into something! Here is a great idea from about how to turn a sweater into a cute knitted tree ornament!

Martha Stewart is also the queen of all things crafty, I think this is such a great idea to display all the holiday cards you get each year with this DIY holiday card tree display .  All the other organizing tips in her post are helpful too, e.g., storing some small ornaments in an egg carton, using a hanging funnel to help make using twine and yarn easier, etc.  Here are some of her holiday organizing tips.

Here is a fun idea and new spin on how to use an embroidery hoop to make a seasonal holiday hoop or holiday ornament.  I love all the fun colors! DIY holidays embroidery hoops

I love this idea for an advent calendar in bystephanielynn 's blog where each day, as we get closer to Christmas day, she moves each ornament from the frame and onto the tree.  Here is her advent calendar how-to

I have also been on the hunt for fun ideas on how to make my own holiday wreath...I came across this great blogpost about how to make a fun yarn wreath that is great for making wreaths for any occasion, not just the Christmas holiday season, great idea!  Here is the detailed tutorial by MomsAdvice on making a yarn wreath.

 Usually I read to find out about the latest news in my area, but stumbled upon this lil post about how to make a 3-D snowflake that looks really cool to try out.   Even has a how-to tutorial as well.

Happy Crafting!

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