Thursday, November 10, 2011

How-To: Thanksgiving decor ideas

 With Thanksgiving coming up around the corner, I have been on the lookout for festive autumnal handmade centerpiece & decor ideas.  Here are a few fun ideas I found, click the links to read their How-to instructions.

"Cornhusk flowers" by Martha Stewart 
I love the idea of incorporating indian corn in a new inventive way. 

I just love candles, and autumn colors would definitely make the Thanksgiving table more festive.  These would also look great on a fire mantle or on your entrance table.

A different twist for if you like a more subtle colored centerpiece. I love how you add the  small votive candle to the top, making this a functional centerpiece as well. 
This looks like such a fun idea for the family to come together and think up ideas to then incorporate into placemats - they seem like they'd make great discussion pieces! I like the idea of writing things like what you are  "thankful for."

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