Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun Project Idea: Literary Lamp

I was surfing through the Etsy blog, and found this interesting How-To listed. It was in this blogpost that listed several of the top entries for the ReadyMade contest, which some of the top choices are now published in the April/May 2011 magazine that you can pick up at your local magazine stand, or checkout their website. Here are a few of the ones that struck my eye and inspiration:

I love the idea of turning an old slide carousel into a grow lamp for a small plant!

I also like the geeky bar table covered in old keyboard letter keys. Maybe if I can gather all my computer-science-teaching parents old keyboards, I could have enough to make this too!

I also like this fun bright wooden block table made out of old children's wooden play blocks.

These all seem like cool, ambitious projects, but perhaps I'll try out the book lamp idea first, hopefully i can find most of the supplies that is!

All of the directions for the other items can easily be found by clicking the hyperlinks... feel free to start these projects and let me know how it goes! As for the book lamp, here is the directions on their website: Step-by-Step Directions

For instant gratification, the directions are also copy/pasted below:


Measure the circumference of the shaft leading up to the bulb, and look for books (with quality binding) of approximately this thickness.


Find the middle of one of the books and lay it open. Take the upper corner of the left-hand page and fold it inward to the spine. Repeat with right-hand page to create an arrow-shape. Continue with all the rest of the pages.


Trace the folded page onto the inside front and back covers.


Use a table saw (or strong scissors) to cut away the parts of the cover that are sticking out.


Create the other forms, varying the folding as you like (and dotting with glue for security); roll the pages inward as teardrops or cut half circles.


Wrap book around shaft and glue the covers together. Clamp with clothespins while drying. Add a book base, if desired, a bulb, and a shade (paint a plain shade for a custom color).

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