Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Decorating the Walls with Photographs

Its been over half a year since moving in our new house, but we still have been wanting to find ways to turn the house into our own cozy home. The walls were very bare, so we decided that a fun way to bring color and personality to our walls is putting up some photos of our travels together.

We decided to take advantage of the sales at both Michaels and ACMoore and got several frames for 40% off.

My hubby was a good sport and helped pick out the frames. It was actually his clever idea to use the collage-style frames, which made it easier to fit several of our photos and was more cost efficient than buying multiple separate frames.

Some of the frames required a bit of assembly.

We had several photos printed out, so it was helpful to rearrange them in various combinations before actually putting them into the frames.

The completed frames.

Time to start hanging them up throughout the house

The finished frames all hung up! Looks like we'll still need to order some vertical prints, but this gives us something to look forward to on our next adventure together to make sure to take some more vertical pics! :)

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